Homework Tips

"Good study habits don't just happen.  They must be taught at school and reinforced at home." - Lee and Marlene Canter


STEP 1:  Set up a Study Area.

Work with your child to develop a place for them to complete homework.  Most often this a place where they are not distracted and mostly quiet.  If your schedule doesn't allow them to do their work at home, help them develop a place that would be similar to a good study area.


STEP 2:  Create a Homework Survival Kit.

A lot of the time, homework can get delayed because your child can't find a pencil, an eraser, or some other tool they need to help complete their homework.  Help build a homework kit that will hold supplies that they might need: pencils, pencil sharpener, pens, crayons, paper, scissors, glue, etc.  Make sure your child returns these items to the Homework Survival Kit, so they can use them the next day.


STEP 3:  Schedule a homework time.

Allow a small break, but try to do homework as soon as possible so that they have time to complete it AND to make sure you can get a hold of someone for help, if needed (another student, another parent, or the teacher).  Make sure this Homework Time is when someone is around or at home (especially younger kids) in case they do need help or something signed.


STEP 4:  Encourage your child to work independently.
Some homework assignments can be done on their own (math worksheet, writing spelling words, reading worksheet, etc.)  Don't forget to check over this work after they are finished to make sure it is done and neat.  Some kids like to finish their homework at school or before they get home, ask to see it anyway.  They love to know that you care about things they do!


STEP 5:  Motivate your child with praise! 
"Great job on your flashcards!  You're getting better!"  "You did great reading that story on your own!  I'm so proud of you!" "You have done all your homework for the whole week, let's watch a movie together with some snacks!"


I hope these Homework Tips help!  Please contact me if you need any other ideas!


(if you feel you need my home number, we can arrange this)