What's Your Opinion?
What’s your opinion?

Dear Parents/Guardians,

          As your child’s writing teacher I wanted to keep everyone up to date on what we are working on in writing class.  As the school year itself is progressing, so is your child’s writing!  We have completed Unit 1, the basic set up of the Writing Community, Unit 2, which focused on the Writing Process and the Fiction Unit, that encouraged your child to use his/her imagination and creative thinking skills.  Your child should have shared their published fictional piece with you at home, which was to be signed and returned to me.

          This week was the start of our Opinion Unit.  This unit is approximately three weeks long.  The first two weeks are the immersion and drafting weeks of the unit.  During these two weeks, we will be reading and analyzing different examples of published persuasive writing.  Your child will begin drafting persuasive essays, where they will express their opinions on varying topics and give legitimate reasons for these opinions.  The next week will be the Revision, Proofreading and Publication phase of the unit.  This unit will conclude with a published piece of opinion based writing.  I’m looking forward to hearing their personal thoughts and views, as well as their supporting arguments.   

          In addition to the daily writing practice, this program also exposes your child to various types of literature and teaches basic grammar skills necessary for writing grade level appropriate sentences.  We have discussed and will continue to discuss into this next unit, common and proper nouns, action verbs and linking verbs, adjectives, subjects and predicates as well as adverbs.  This particular unit will focus mainly on writing complete and complex sentences, with an added emphasis on adjective use.    

          If you ever have any questions or concerns please call or email me at ktimulak@nscougars.com.

Kristie Timulak