Fun with Fiction!
                   Fun with Fiction                    


Dear Parents/Guardians,

          As your child’s writing teacher I wanted to keep everyone up to date on what we are working on in writing class. This is the first yearfor this class in third grade and I am very excited to see how everyone’s writinggrows and progresses throughout the year. 

          We have just completed Unit 1 and 2 of the program, Introducing the Writing Community and The Writing Process. Unit One was abasic introduction to the setup of the class and the procedures. Unit Two walked us through the steps of thewriting process: Selecting and Completing drafts, Analyzing and RevisingDrafts, Pair Conferring, Proofreading and Publishing. Your child should have shared their publishedpiece with you at home, which was to be signed and returned to me.

          This week wasthe start of Unit Three, The Fictional Unit. This unit is approximatelysix weeks long.  The first three weeks are the drafting weeks of the unit, where your child will create as many fictional stories as they can. The next three weeks will be the Revision, Proofreading and Publication phase of the unit. This unit will conclude with a published piece of fictional writing. I’m lookingforward to reading the creative and imaginative stories produced duringthisunit. 

          In addition to the daily writing practice, this program also exposes your child to various types of literature and teaches basic grammar skills necessary for writing grade level appropriate sentences. Wehave discussed and will continue to discuss into this next unit, common andproper nouns, action verbs and linking verbs, adjectives, subjects andpredicates and adverbs. 

          If you everhave any questions or concerns please call or email me at

Kristie Timulak