What's New in Writing/Grammar Class this Week?
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Week of 10/23/17
In my Writing classes, we will use our Being a Writer series to learn and practice the writing process.  We will listen to some fabulous examples of literature and will continue to express our own thoughts and ideas in written form! Soon, we will dive into the Non-Fictional (Informational) genre!

Grammatically speaking, we will continue our unit on homophones, words that sound the same but are spelled differently and mean different things.  This week we will be working with the homophones who's and whose.  In addition, we have been working on identifying simple and complete subjects and predicates in simple and compound sentences.  Compound sentences have two sentences that come together with a comma and conjunction (FANBOYS).  Students will be tested on this type of sentence this week.  Please check your child's agenda for exact dates.  We will then use this learned information to explore complex sentences in written work.   

Students will receive their next Spelling list, with packet, on Monday.  The packet will be due no later than Friday, November 3rd, test day!  Words this round focus on the short e sound with an "e" and the long e sound spelled with an "ea", "ee", "ei", "ie", "e", or "eo".  Please practice these words with your child as often as possible!  Students can also practice their words by going to www.spellingcity.com/jseibert/!


Have a fantastic week, Exceptional Writers!
Mrs. Seibert :)