What's New in Writing/Grammar Class this Week?
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Week of 12/11/17
In my Writing classes, we will continue to use our Being a Writer series to learn and practice the writing process.  We will listen to some fabulous examples of literature and will continue to express our own thoughts and ideas in written form!

We are currently wrapping up our Expository Nonfiction (Informational) research projects!  Don't forget to check out your child's finished work on Kidblog.  Click on the tab on the left of this page labeled "We are BLOGGING!" for more information:)

Grammatically speaking, we will be working with the frequently confused words, "than" and "then".  This week, we will begin to differentiate between plural and possessive nouns.  

Students will be tested on their current Spelling list on Friday, December 15th.  All packets will be due this day as well.  Words this round focus on the short u sound with an "u" and the long u sound spelled with a "u", "ue", or "eau".  Please practice these words with your child as often as possible!  Students can also practice their words by going to www.spellingcity.com/jseibert/!


Have a fantastic week, Exceptional Writers!
Mrs. Seibert :)