Welcome to First Grade Letter

Grade One News

North Star Central Elementary

Miss Kara Putman




Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to First Grade!  I am looking forward to this year and getting to know all of you as I spend the year with your children.  This letter is to provide you with some basic information about our classroom and procedures.  I believe that we have a very complete First Grade program to offer your child.  I would like to stress that your support and involvement is very important to your child’s achievement.  I invite you to share any special skills or talents that you may have which would enrich our learning in the classroom.  Quality time at home with children is significant to their development: plenty of rest, outdoor exercise, time to share and talk together, and reading together daily all contribute to your child’s success at school.




I strive to provide a well-structured and organized learning environment for all the students.  The discipline plan focuses on positive reinforcement to encourage appropriate behavior.  The students and I review the rules and consequences on the first day of school.  Please review them at home to make sure your child understands what is expected of him/her.  Your support at home is very helpful.


First Grade Classroom Rules


·        Raise your hand to talk

·        Listen and follow directions

·        Stay in your seat

·        Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

·        Stay on task



Consequences (Results if rules are not followed)


·        Warning

·        Loss of ½ Recess

·        Loss of All Recess






Your child will bring home “Take Home” folder on the first day.  This folder will go back and forth between school and home every day.  There is a “keep” side and a “return” side.  This folder will enable me to check for notes from you, and you can do the same for notes for me.  When you send any notes, lunch money, book orders, forms, absence excuses, etc., please put them on the “return” side of your child’s folder.  This folder will contain homework papers on the “return” side and classroom papers on the “keep” side.  Also, your child will bring their agenda home every night.  Please read the daily message inside the agenda.  After you read the message, please sign your name.  The agenda is also used as a way for me to write any notes to you.  The agenda and take-home folder need to come back to school each day.  Please help your child get into the routine of showing these items to you each day and bringing it back in his/her backpack the next day.




Periodically, I will be sending home flyers from Scholastic Book Club.  You do not have to purchase any books, but it is an inexpensive way to build your child’s library.  You may return the filled out forms along with a check made out to “Scholastic Book Clubs” (NO CASH PLEASE).






Students who are absent are required to submit a standardized excuse form to the school.  Please return excuses within three days of the absence.  If you run out of the forms, please request more or write a note explaining your child’s absence.


If your family is planning a long weekend trip or an extended vacation, you should notify the office in advance by writing for an excused absence.  Your note should include any educational opportunities that your child may experience on the trip.  Please inform me so that homework/assignments may be prepared ahead of time.  Please allow at least two weeks notice for this preparation when possible.




If your child is to ride a bus other than the assigned bus or is going to be picked up at school by someone, you must send a note to school.  No child may be sent on a different bus without a note, and we need to know ahead of time if the child is leaving with someone and at what time.




The school nurse must issue all medicines.  If your child is on medication prescribed by a doctor, please send a note with the proper instructions.  Aspirators, cough drops, and lozenges can be kept by your child and used at his/her discretion.  A note is required for these health items!




Parents may send cupcakes or treat bags in celebration of birthdays.  These items can be brought in the morning when students arrive.  Please contact me at least one day prior to your child’s birthday to make these arrangements.  If you are planning a party for your child and wish to invite the whole class, I will be happy to hand out the invitations you send in.  If you are only inviting certain children from the class, please mail them to the children.  Children are hurt very easily when they see other children get an invitation and they do not.  I want to avoid this if possible.




Our class will have Library, Computer, Art, Gym, and Music each week. 




If you would like to send any of the following items, they would be helpful and appreciated:

·        a box of tissues for our classroom (these will go quickly!)

·        a change of clothing for your child

·        a bottle of hand sanitizer for our classroom


If you have any questions or concerns at anytime during the year, feel free to write a note, call me, or come in to talk.  I will respond to notes and messages as soon as I possibly can.  I am best available to take phone calls between 7:40-7:50 a.m. or between 2:45-3:10 p.m.  The school number is 629-5627.


I am excited for a great year with some awesome people, your children!



Thank You





Miss Kara Putman