This Month's Projects


Kindergarten made family portraits and learned to draw their self-portrait.  Next they will be learning about primary and secondary colors as they explore color mixing.

First Grade made monsters out of popsicle sticks and paper, we looked at the illustrations of Ed Eberly as an inspiration for this project.  Now students are learning about sculpture as they learn some paper sculpture techniques.

Second Graders started off their first project by reading a story called "Too Much Glue" and we explored the different possibilities of what could happen if we used too much glue!  Students had the opportunity to use more than "just a dot" of glue to create fun designs on black paper.  These designs were later colored in with chalk.  They are beautiful!
Now these students are learning about the life and artwork of Laurel Burch.

Third Graders are learning how to sew!  They are very excited about this project as they learn to do a simple whip stitch.  They are learning about the colorful and creative artwork Jennifer Strunge makes called Cotton Monsters.  Each Cotton Monster is made by hand and they are making their own "cotton monster!"  We are very excited to see how these turn out and the kids are doing remarkably well with their sewing!

Fourth Graders worked on poster designs for the Somerset County Red Ribbon Contest.  We discussed the dangers of drug and alcohol use and how they can make good choices that can impact the rest of their life as we came up with ideas for this poster contest.  The kids were very creative and did a great job.  They will get a chance to try their hand at making cartoon characters before we move on to our next lesson.