Mish-Nicklow, Karen
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Mrs. Karen Mish-Nicklow
Elementary Art K-4

  I truly believe I have one of the best jobs on earth...not only do I get to do something I love, but I also get the opportunity to work with students as they move from Kindergarten to Fourth Grade.  I get a chance to know the kids on a personal level over the course of time that I have them.  The changes that take place during that time period are amazing. 
  In Art Class, we learn about different artists, art, and cultures as the kids get to explore a variety of mediums and techniques. I collaborate with teachers and the grade level curriculum to create meaningful art lessons that tie into what students are learning about.  Technology will play a role in delivering meaningful information to students as we travel the world and learn about a variety of artists and different cultures.
  My goal is to show students that art is truly all around them; through the arts they will experience language arts, science, math and social studies and gain a better understanding that art can be combined with any passion they may have.  After it is all said and done, I want my students to realize that art has a direct connection to their core subjects.