Third Grade Reading News

Third Grade is Buggy About Books!

Mrs. Kaltenbaugh’s Reading News!

We Are Reading:
Frogs, Ladybugs and Monkeys
The Chocolate Touch,
by Patrick Skene Catling

The Magic Tree house Ghost Town at Sundown,
By Mary Pope Osbourne

Each day in class students will read and listen to a chapter from the book. Students are also asked to generate their own questions about the story while reading and then post them onto our Google Classroom Discussion boards for other students to answer. Along with these questions we will continue to discuss all of the comprehension strategies we have been working on throughout the year such as: setting, theme, characters, Vocabulary/context clues, point of view, plot, compare and contrast, and problem and solution.

you can view the Google Classroom Discussion questions by clicking on the links below.
Google Classroom Frogs
Google Classroom Ladybugs

fluency Checks
Students have been working with a partner to complete a timed fluency check several times as week. It is important to build fluency and prosody in reading so that students can better comprehend and understand a text. We will continue to work on these skills in our readings in class.