2017-2018 Goals

2017-2018 Classroom Goals

1. Help each child grow academically, socially, and emotionally as young individuals.
2. Increase each child's vocabulary, comprehension and reading fluency.
3. Provide learning experiences that are meaningful and fun, while adopting them to the PA Core English and Language Arts Standards.
3. Build positive relationships and experiences with all students, so they enjoy learning and coming to school each day.
4. Meet the learning needs of each student and encourage them to reach their full potential, while always striving to achieve more.
5. Incorporate technology into every day learning with the use of Ipads, iPods, Chrome Books, and the SmartBoard
6. Communicate effectively with students' families.
7. Foster the importance of life long learners. 
8. Make reading fun and enjoyable for all students!
                            Play, Learn, and Grow Together