Second Grade Behavior

Second Grade is Reaching for the Stars !

Second grade was recently introduced to five important rules to follow on a daily basis.
1. Raise your hand
2. Show respect for yourself and others
3. Do your best
4. Appropriate bathroom behavior
5. Courteous hall behavior

Students are encouraged to strive to go above and beyond on their daily behavior chart.  If they are caught going above and beyond they can receive a STAR ticket.

If they receive a star ticket they are put into a drawing for a prize at the end of each week.

The students have been working hard towards star tickets, and are making second grade a great place to learn!

This week's star winners were Garrett Mowry, Alauna Berkey, Marley Griffith, and Cameron Tunstall. Way to go you guys! Keep up the good work!

Attached you can find the behavior/homework incentive requirements.
‚Äčincentive note.docx