What Does an MTSS teacher do ?
I am sure that many of you wonder, "What is MTSS, and what does she do with my child ?"

MTSS stands for Multi Tiered System of Support. Basically, in everyday language, it is a system to help meet each student's needs exactly where they need to be met.  We test the students to see exactly where their struggles may be, and then teach them the specific skills they need to be taught in order to move on in their grade level curriculum.

If you were to walk into my room at any given time in the day you would see a lot of small groups throughout  the room.  I look at my students' data and group them according to what they may need to work on.  I have many centers set up around the room that help to meet the needs of the students. 

The students love working in small groups and I think they believe they are only playing games in my room, and they are learning and growing without even knowing it! That's the best kind of learning!