Each day, the students work in a Math Workshop where they work with a small group and move throughout different centers within the classroom.

The centers are:
Math Facts, At Seat, Teacher Guided, and Hands-On.

In the
Math Facts center, the students work on fact fluency. They also use chromebooks to work on Study Island, XtraMath, and MobyMax.

In the
At Seat center, the students work on an independent activity. This is usually an extension to what they have been currently learning in their core math class as well as in the Teacher Guided center. This center will also focus on a previously learned skill at times in order to practice and review.

Teacher Guided center will focus on the current concept being taught.

In the
center, the students will use manipulatives and/or math-related games to reinforce math concepts.  

Websites to practice fact fluency:

Week of March 5-March 9:

Math Facts -
The students are working on improving their speed by taking 2 minute speed tests.
At Seat - The students are working on Measurement Benchmarks, as well as reviewing skills, such as multiplication and division.
Teacher Guided - The students will be starting a chapter on Measurement. We will be learning about measurement benchmarks, customary units of length, and customary units of weight.
Hands-On - The students will work together to complete elapsed time puzzles.

*Speed tests will come home for extra practice. Please set a 2 minute timer and see if your child can beat his/her goal.