Performances & Class Work

Here you may find examples of student or class work and performances of songs we have done in class. 

2nd Grade Thanksgiving Songs
The 2nd grade homerooms collaborated to make their own song about what they are thankful for from a song they learned titled "Thanksgiving." Please click this link to open a PDF file to view their new lyrics. I hope you enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!

2nd Grade Thanksgiving Songs.pdf

1st Grade Word Family Songs
The 1st grade homerooms collaborated to create their own song using word families. We have been studying onset and rime in class and created a list of words using the "et" and "ip" rimes. The original song is by Liz Buchanan and we have continued to use the melody for the verses and her melody and words for the refrain. The students created the verses that you see in the songs. Please click on this link to open a PDF file to view their lyrics. We hope you enjoy their songs, we had a lot of fun writing them.

1st Grade Word Family Songs.2.pdf