Welcome to First Grade Letter

Dear Parents,                 


Welcome to First Grade!  I am looking

forward to this year and getting to know

all of you as I spend the year with your

children. This letter is to let you know

some basic information about our classroom and procedures. I believe that we have a very complete First Grade program to offer your child; one that I hope you will become interested in and be willing to help with as your child continues his/her primary education. I would like to stress that your support and involvement is very important to your child's achievement. I invite you to visit and share any special skills or talents that you may have which would enrich our learning in the classroom. Quality time at home with children is significant to their development: plenty of rest, outdoor exercise, time to share and talk together, and reading together daily all contribute to your child's success at school.


Your child is bringing home a white folder today. This folder will go back and forth between school and home every day. There is a keep side and a return side. This folder will enable me to check for notes from you, and you can do the same for notes from me. When you send any notes, lunch money, book orders, forms, absence excuses, etc., please put them on the return side of your child's folder. When your child comes home from school each day, this folder will contain any homework papers or forms that need filled out on the return side and any classwork papers or notes on the keep side.  Please help your child get into the routine of showing it to you each day (the papers on the keep side should be taken out each day and kept at home) and bringing the folder back in his/her backpack/bookbag the next day.


If you would like your child to go by a nickname (for example Charlie instead of Charles), please let me know. Although I will initially have the children use their full given names for writing names on papers; it helps if I am using the name they feel comfortable with in speaking.


If your child is to ride a bus other than the assigned bus or is going to be picked up at school by someone, you must send a note to school. No child may be sent on a different bus without a note. We need to know ahead of time if the child is leaving with someone and at what time.


Our class will have art, music, gym, computer class, and library book exchange each week.  Beginning with September, I will send home monthly calendars which will list those days. Also, be sure to look in your child’s Agenda for special days!


If you would like to send in any of the following items at your earliest convenience, they would be helpful and appreciated:

*a box of tissues for our classroom (these go quickly!)

*a change of clothing for your child in case she/he gets  muddy at recess, paint spilled at art, or other accidents  (please have all the clothing items and the bag labeled with your child's name)

*a small pencil sharpener for in your child's pencil box

(ours seems to be broken quite frequently!)


If you have any questions or concerns at any time during the year, please feel free to write a note, call me, or come in to talk. Putting a note in your child’s folder is actually the best way to reach me since I check their folders every morning. Sometimes phone messages go without being heard for a longer time. I will respond to notes as soon as I possibly can (hopefully on the same day you've sent it; so thank you for your patience in advance). The school number is 629-5627. If you have an emergency concern, my home number is 443-9774.

I am looking forward to a wonderful 1st Grade year with your child.  Many fun and educational activities are planned for the coming school year! 


Thank You

                        Sincerely and With Smiles,

                             Mrs. DeBlase