Classroom Rules
Our First Grade Rules


1. Listen when others speak
2. Follow directions
3. Keep hands and feet to yourself
4. Stay on task and pay attention
5. Raise our hands to talk
6. Stay in our seats
7. Be nice to others


Consequences --
If a rule is not followed, the student receives the following order of consequences:
--a discussion with the student reminding him/her of the rules
--a verbal warning
--the child's clothespin moves down level by level
--teacher's choice of consequence: loss of privilege, loss of half of recess, lunch detention, etc.  
--a visit to the principal and/or a note and/or phonecall to his/her parents
Rewards --
When the student follows the rules all day and keeps his/her clothespin in the positive sections of the rainbow chart,  he/she receives a sticker on our Happy Chart. After every 10 stickers, the student gets to visit the awesome prize box!!
In addition, when the student follow the rules very well or goes "above and beyond", he/she gets his/her clothespin moved up level by level! If he/she earns 10 "Move-ups" per month, he/she gets to be a part of the Monthly Behavior Incentive Reward! In the past these have included: Dance Parties, Cookie-Decorating, Wacky Rotating Recess, Sled Riding, Block Parties, Hot Cocoa and Pajama Parties......