Central Elementary Library Information
When do the students have library class?
~Each class has library once a week, please check to see what day your child has library.  It will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. 
How many library books are the students allowed to get each week?
~Kindergarten,1st and 2nd grade students are allowed to choose and check out 2 books each week.  (Kindergarten is only allowed 1 book for the month of September as they are still learning how to take care of the books and return them on time).  Third and fourth grade students are allowed to choose and check out 3 books each week.  Students are not allowed to check out new library books if they do not return them so please help your child return their books on time! 
Students are encouraged to choose their books carefully, meaning that the book is appropriate for them.  If you feel that your child is not choosing books that are appropriate, please contact me or send me a note or email and I will do my best to help them make better choices. 
What are the rules for library class/borrowing library books?
~The students spend the first few weeks of library learning the rules of the library as well as rules for book care.  Students should be responsible with their library books as they are only borrowing them for a week. If students do not care for their book responsibly and it can no longer be used in the library, payment for the cost of a replacement copy will need to be paid before other books are allowed to be borrowed.  Please teach your child to be responsible for not only their library books but for all of the their school materials.
General rules of the library include: whisper, walk at all times, listening carefully, taking turns, being helpful, using a shelf marker and replacing books correctly on the shelves, and do your best each and every week.
You will also find a copy of the Central Elementary Library Contract on my teacher page, each student should have returned this to school with both their name and a parent signature to school at the beginning of the year.
What do students do during library class?
~During library class students will learn various skills related to the library as well as reading and writing skills.  Students also get class time to take Reading Counts test as well as ample time to choose and check out books for the week.
How do I know if my child's book is a Reading Counts book?
~Each library book that is part of the Scholastic Reading Counts program is labeled with a colored sticker on the spine of the book.  Students in first through fourth grade participate in the Reading Counts program. See the "Links and Library Documents" section for the website to check if your books are part of the Reading Counts program.