NSC School Counseling Programs and Services


Botvin Lifeskills Program-
The nation's leading prevention program is an 8 session curriculum taught to students in 3rd & 4th grade. Botvin Life Skills training promotes healthy alternatives to risky behavior through activities designed to help youth: resist social pressures, develop greater self- esteem, effectively cope with school anxiety, increase knowledge of immediate and long term consequences of substance abuse and enhance cognitive and behavioral competency to reduce and prevent a variety of health risk behaviors. This program is funded through United Way of the Laurel Highlands and the University of Colorado. The classes are provided in partnership with Twin Lakes Prevention Department. For more information: www.lifeskillstraining.com

Victim's Services Presentation-  This presentation, through the use of a puppet show or educational videos is given once a year to NSC students in grades K-4. This program is presented by the Victim's Services Inc. of Somerset and Cambria Co. The presentation is age appropriate and revolves around sorting through different kinds of touches and defining which parts of our bodies are "private." Students will learn how to be assertive in dealing with uncomfortable situations. 

Career Luncheons- open to any 3rd or 4th grade student during their lunch time. Monthly presenters are scheduled and students who wish to attend sign up. The purpose of the luncheon is to introduce students to the large variety of jobs in the community and to spark student's interest in thinking about their own future career.

Student of the Month-chosen once a month by teacher nominations and voting these students demonstrate consistent effort and demonstration of S.T.A.R (Safe, Thoughtful, Ambitious, Respectful) behavior. The students will be recognized at the beginning of the month and will be recognized with a certificate, picture on our website, the local paper, and will enjoy a special lunch with the school counselor and principal.

Perfect Attendance Club- every month student's have the opportunity to be recognized with perfect monthly attendance. In order to qualify students must be considered in school for a full day (early dismissal must be after 1:15) everyday of the month and must be on time for school.  

Move Up Day- Held in May for students in grades Pre-K- 4. Students will "move up" to the next grade to spend a half day learning about their upcoming teachers, procedures, rules, and routines to help familiarize, prepare, and relieve some anxiety about transitioning into a new grade.